Daily Kos: War on Religion? No. Women and Children? Yes.

Courtesy of Craig Hardegree over at Daily Kos:

I would be much more impressed with the Catholic Church’s conscientious objection to Catholic employers having to provide an insurance policy which covers contraception, if the Catholic Church had collectively been this upset; expended this much energy; expended these many resources; and focused this much attention on rooting out and ending pedophilia among the priesthood. There are countless thousands of lives which have been irreparably destroyed because the Vatican and church leadership in America chose to protect, hide and cover-up instead of immediately rooting out this evil from the Church. They were more concerned with the Church’s image and trying to do damage control than they were with the many thousands of lives which have been destroyed. So when they let evil like that fester in the Church and then go all out on a massive campaign to castigate President Obama based on a gnat-straining notion that regulating a woman’s ovulation cycle is murder while raising no objection to policies paying for erection-giving man drugs, I have no sympathy whatsoever for their argument.

via Daily Kos: Red state of Georgia has declared war on religion.



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