Sad Day for Wisconsin

After the vehement demand for Gov. Scott Walker to be recalled, the outcome of Tuesdays vote rings the same as North Carolina’s recent appalling decision – the wrong side wins. Massive spending by private supporters of hate and bigotry, coupled with a robocall campaign that supposedly falsely informed voters that if they signed the petition against Walker they need not show at the polls, ensured the POS governor retained his seat.

The rabid Wisconsin conservative is well known for being in the pocket of the Koch Brothers and other gargantuan donation machines. He’s lied on record, attacked laws that permit same sex couples to visit their partner in the hospital, and in general been a douchebag so bad that over 900,000 people signed a petition for his recall.

Sadly, Walker is still governor of Wisconsin, ensuring that it remains on the list of states I and many I know will never visit.


About Sadie G

Grace Alexander is the founder of Brilliance On Demand, a full service copy-writing and social media marketing company specializing in helping her clients rule Google in their respective niches.
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