Men… Are You Men? Or Are You Beasts?

Men of the world,

I have a question for you.

Shouldn’t you be offended when someone claims that women should prevent rape by not wearing certain clothes, by not going certain places, or by not doing certain things?

That line of thinking presumes you, the men, are incapable of control. That you are so base, so uncivilized, so beastly, that it takes an extraordinary amount of effort to simply get through each day without raping someone.

That you require a certain dress code to be maintained in your presence. That sobriety be strictly followed by those around you. That certain behaviors be employed, certain distances maintained so that maybe, just maybe, today you won’t rape someone.

It assumes your natural state is a rapist.

Aren’t you offended? Aren’t you enraged at being stereotyped as rapists-in-waiting? Are you men? Or are you beasts?

Stand up. Speak out. Don’t allow others to blame you for rapists’ actions. Don’t let yourself be designated an animal, unable to practice self control or decent behavior.

Stop letting your politicians, your pastors, and your friends blame women for causing men to rape them. We who have been raped still believe there are those of you who are better than that. We still believe in you.

Stand up for us. Stand up for yourself. Denounce rape as the work of rapists, not of men. Be men. We believe you still exist.


About Sadie G

Grace Alexander is the founder of Brilliance On Demand, a full service copy-writing and social media marketing company specializing in helping her clients rule Google in their respective niches.
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One Response to Men… Are You Men? Or Are You Beasts?

  1. Grace Alexander says:

    Somebody tried to comment on this article saying “What about all the women who rape so they can get child support payments”. I refuse to publish such shite and give the author a link back to their pathetic HubPage account – which is all about how feminism is a hate group similar to the NeoNazi movement. Some people are just to misogynistic to dignify with a response.

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