I’m Not Apologizing

I get tired of people insisting that women make their case for the right to their bodies – and of women who fall into that trap so easily.

I’m tired of apologies being made. Stop it. Just STOP. Women who align themselves with the apologists hurt us all.

“What about BC for acne, or cramps, or endometriosis?” Well, what about it? I took BC for BC. So I could have SEX. Without PREGNANCY. I’m not ashamed, I don’t need to make excuses, I don’t need an alternate reason, I don’t need PERMISSION.

“What about abortion for incest, or rape, or fetal brain death?” Well, what about it? If a woman feels she needs an abortion, she shouldn’t have to prove her need, whether it is due to rape, or poverty, or simple unreadiness to parent. I know better than you what my limitations are.

Women certainly shouldn’t be exposed to unnecessary and humiliating procedures designed only to shame and harm them. Rick Perry said of forced transvaginal ultrasounds, “Well, if women just are forced to REALIZE what they are doing, then they will do the right thing.”

Really, Rick? REALLY? And who made you the purveyor of the “right” thing?

As women, we need to stop grasping at the “acceptable reasons” presented to us by the men in power. Reproductive rights are OURS, and we shouldn’t have to beg, present proofs, or make excuses for what we need.

Being responsible doesn’t mean being celibate, or only sexually active when married to wealthy men. Being responsible means being able to access a full range of options, from birth control methods to prevent conception to abortion when such methods fail or other circumstances put us in untenable positions.

To the “Religious Right” – time to stop pandering. Either it is murder or it’s not. Akin and Mourdock and Ryan actually finally manned up and admitted that – FINALLY stopped playing hypocrite and said it out loud – and it FELLED you. At least you were finally consistent in your hatred of women. An egg is more important than a conscious, fully formed person – if that person is FEMALE.

We refused your little sop of “Welllll, it’s OK to murder your baby IF you were raped” so you finally dropped the pretense. It’s not about the “babies”, it’s about control and power (which is incidentally what rape is about, too.)

Let’s get this straight, once and for all. My body. My choice. If you can get pregnant, you have a voice. If not, STFU. You do not have the right to make me a hostage. You do not have the right to impose your ridiculous, twisted interpretation of a mangled book of fairy tales on my body. I do not have to answer to you. I do not have to explain myself. I do not have to beg, plead, apologize, rationalize, or make my case.

It’s none of your damn business.


About Sadie G

Grace Alexander is the founder of Brilliance On Demand, a full service copy-writing and social media marketing company specializing in helping her clients rule Google in their respective niches.
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