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After writing about the tech related ways I punished my teen son I got loads of comments from “unwired” families. These are noble, brave families that have chosen to climb aboard the “way back” train and raise their children unplugged from technology. Good luck with that I wrote back and happy job hunting in 2020 to those kids that will have never used a laptop or an I Tunes gift-card. Oh and say hello to your rotary phone for me. I also pointed out that I saw a problem with their virtuous unplugged lifestyle since they were reading and contacting me via their computer or smart phone. Nothing like a smug someone espousing the evils of technology with a message that says “sent from an I Pad.”

via Idiots Who Send Me E-mails | Snarky in the Suburbs.


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Grace Alexander is the founder of Brilliance On Demand, a full service copy-writing and social media marketing company specializing in helping her clients rule Google in their respective niches.
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