If Only We Could Talk About Abusing Women Like We Do Abusing Cats | The Raw Story

From Amanda Marcotte:

(paraphrased) Comments across the web on the widely reported story of a boy who rescued a cat that was being tortured by a bunch of boys have been restricted to two major themes:

  • What a great kid Wendell is and how we should all raise our kids like him.
  • What terrible little shits the cat-torturers were, complete with condemnation of a society that lets this behavior flourish.

Missing from the discussion:

  • Wondering if the cat was asking for it by being so cute and easy to torture.
  • Blaming male hormones or implying that because it’s so sexually gratifying to torture a cat, some boys can’t help themselves.
  • Making excuses for the cat torturers by saying that they don’t understand the difference between playing with a cat who wants to play with you and torturing it.
  • Claiming that while cat torture is bad, we shouldn’t be too eager to punish the cat torturers.

A lot of people in comments said that we should teach boys not to torture cats, specifically noting cultural changes that could be instituted to prevent cat torture.

These people were not subjected to an angry flame war where they were accused of being stupid, called by misogynist or racist names, or told that they should be tortured themselves until they understood that the only way to stop cat torture is for cats to defend themselves.

It was understood that cats do try to defend themselves, but unfortunately, self-defense is sometimes not enough to prevent cat torture.

It was accepted that cat torture is a crime that is cultural in origin, and that by changing the culture, we can prevent it.

I’m guessing you can see where I’m going with this.

via If Only We Could Talk About Abusing Women Like We Do Abusing Cats | The Raw Story.


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