Why I’m A Liberal Feminist: I Was Raised Catholic, Any Questions?

A great post about how being raised Catholic turned one woman into a staunch liberal feminist.


By Amanda Fox

Catholicism is what helped me form many of the views I have today. I was raised Catholic in a family that believed Vatican II reform was the work of the devil. To say we were ultra-conservative is an understatement. Most people that know me, loosely at least, think I hate Catholicism and religion in general – particularly since I declare my faith as Science. Hey, it’s what I believe in and that’s my choice. The fact is, I am thankful I grew up Catholic because it taught me so much and actually served as the basis of my becoming a pro-choice feminist liberal.

Where I am today and what I do and do not put my faith in has nothing to do with rebellion. It’s all about logic, and I say unapolegetically, witnessing rampant hypocrisy to a certain degree. This is my story.

I was baptized like…

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