Is Facebook Now Officially a Far Right Wing Conservative Site Regulated by Trolls?

It’s sure looking that way.

Over the past few days, a large number of LGBT, liberal and women’s rights pages on Facebook have noticed something weird – posts going missing and links to outside sources leading to pop-ups warning that the external website might be “spam”. Efforts to like or share content from many of these pages now require a captcha code to be entered. Again, these were specific types of pages we saw being targeted – but hey, I don’t follow hate pages or Xtian pages so maybe I was just making an assumption?

NOT. My partner decided to try a little test.  According to her:

I just experimented with this during the morning and saw something interesting. I went to 3 LGBT pages, 2 politically liberal pages, 4 politically conservative pages and one page that I’d term a hate page.

On the LGBT and liberal pages, I was asked to enter a captcha 8 times out of 10 before being able to share a post. On the remaining 5, I was asked to enter a captcha 1 time out of 10 — and it wasn’t on the hate page.

I tried clicking through to 3 blog links from each side – all to WordPress. On all 3 from LGBT/Liberal pages, I was asked to affirm whether the page was spam or not. On the blogs from conservative pages, nothing. Not a thing.

Here’s an interesting tidbit – Zuckerberg is throwing money at the GOP lately. I’m not big on conspiracy theory, but this latest trend certainly smacks of bias.

So, what to do? Should liberals and human rights / women’s rights / equality supporters play the same game? Should we target the pro-birther pages, the rape joke pages and the pages devoted to “whores”, “ni66ers” and “fa66ots”?

Talk to me, people.


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Grace Alexander is the founder of Brilliance On Demand, a full service copy-writing and social media marketing company specializing in helping her clients rule Google in their respective niches.
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One Response to Is Facebook Now Officially a Far Right Wing Conservative Site Regulated by Trolls?

  1. Charlie Adams In Kentucky says:

    I’ll say this: Over the past several months, I have reported dozens of right-wing trolls for racist and/or misogynistic language, along with assorted other offensive content. VERY rarely has action been taken against any of them. Today, I got a 12-hour posting “timeout” for pointing out that one of these trolls was posting lies that were easily checked. Apparently, it doesn’t violate Facebook’s “standards” to refer to African-Americans as “monkeys” or “jungle bunnies, and it’s okay to call women “sluts” for wearing shorts or short skirts in public, and homophobic rants are perfectly okay, but don’t you dare call a liar a liar.

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