The Uncanny John Phillip Sousa: FYI (it’s called Rape Culture)

There’s a term for this, for what your letter is part of. That term is Rape Culture. It says that if a woman is raped, it’s her fault. Because she wore a short skirt. Because she drank too much. Because she took a selfie in her towel.

How ironic is it that your post features a picture of your sons, on the beach. I dare say they were scantily clad. How would YOU feel if some busy-body wrote them a letter telling them they we “Blocked” because they “didn’t respect themselves” enough to wear a shirt. I know, it sounds ridiculous, because they’re boys.

That’s the point. Lingering over a picture of a scantily-clad picture of a girl will NOT turn them into a rapist.

Unless they’re told that it will turn them into one by their parents.

via The Uncanny John Phillip Sousa: FYI (it’s called Rape Culture).


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